Sumo Squares - browser game design in p5.js

For my final project I created a fully-functioning game in p5.js that will run in the browser (tested on Chrome). The premise of the game is a single or multiplayer fighting game, where the player is a square that tries to knock his/her opponent (another square) out of a ring. The squares are physics driven, making the action very natural in feel and appearance. Players have the option to "paint" their fighter using brush tools or to use pre-loaded images to personalize their fighter. Both controller and keyboard controls are supported for both players. The game tracks score between two players (or the player and an AI fighter), which resets if player 1 wishes to return to the the pre-game setup screen. The sketch accomplishes the following:

Next steps:


Brush tools and graphics:

Fighter physics and animations:

Event triggering:

Other fun things: