Sumo Squares

WIP demo


This is a game I made that started as my final project for a creative coding class I took at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I put in a little bit of extra work and now I have a real-time multiplayer game that runs in any modern web browser. The current iteration is still a work in progress. :

Game features:

  • Physics-based 1 vs 1 game
  • Design your square
  • Fight against others online or practice against an A.I. bot
  • Your square's image and your score is recorded on a server file

Tech features:

  • Written entirely in Javascript
  • Works on any device that has a modern web browser
  • No downloads required
  • Node.js server
  • Powered by P5.js and

Future features

  • Better optimization for older phones
  • Give player the ability to tweak performance stats using point system (e.g. give square more speed at an expense of reducing weight)
  • Dedicated server
  • Gallery of all created squares


  • Ice breaker at large gatherings, like college orientations or conferences
  • Raise brand awareness at trade shows by linking to your business's website and information on the game
  • Fun, casual competition amongst friends and co-workers